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We believe every institution is unique and needs it's own brand statement. No matter if you are a well known institute or a small school, you deserve the best solution. So, you can spend lot of money on products and solutions OR you can join to the OBTO Experience. Few, but not limited, easy reasons to choose OBTO.


A platform that learns while you use it. Our intelligent cloud is no ordinary one. With a strong focus on user experience, it will work with you to speed up daily activities and make your day easy. We even built few robots that you can delegate work to.


Easy to setup, easy to maintain. We created complex algorithms so that you can experience simplicity. Fulfill needs with simple configurations. No coding required. It's so easy, we promise you will fall in love with it.


Your unique institute, our simple solution means your success. Leverage information technology they way it was meant to be. So share with us, your complex requirment and see how easy our solution could be in very little time.


We strongly believe that knowledge grows by sharing. That's why we are not just offering a software product but willing to partner with your institution to educate students about information technology, our products and share all that we have learnt so far.

Of course, our products are responsive and they look beautiful on any device.

Tailored Offerings

Unique Solutions For Your Unique Institution

All our solutions are flexible as needed. Before you make the intelligent decision to join OBTO, you may need more information about the features and our solutions. Just scroll down and take a look


Maintain student, teacher or staff profile information with ease. Add new/modify attributes if you think we have not provided enough


Convenience Matters. Ability to record, track and notify at you finger tips, all in real time. Notifies parents when needed


Clean and organized way to manage result database. Structured approach helps upload and report on data as required


Instant notifications via SMS or emails to parents and teachers. Integrated chat allow teachers and students to better connect and collaborate

Event Calender

Nice and beautiful calendar that's available to every user to better manage their events. Teachers can publish events on students' calendar


Create homework assignments in seconds and share them instantly with your students. Now the homework given by teachers is just a click away


Collaboration in core. Enables groups to work together to achieve a defined objective. Results in faster path to success. Students can better share and grow self knowledge

Manage Content

Enables institute admins to seamlessly create, edit, review and publish web content. Our system offers a simple interface, enabling publishers to manage the content online using only a web browser

My Assistant

Personal automated assistant that can help speed up daily activities and also helps better manage your day at work. The more you use the system the smarter your assistant gets


Know your staff, maintain information for institution employees. Manage staff profiles, activities and schedules


Parents can see the complete fee information including fee payable, payment status and dues. They can even pay student fee using our system


Parents can log in and view their children's information anytime through the Parent Portal. Parents can keep track of their child's attendance, workload and progress!

Awesome Platform, Awesome Solutions

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See It, To Believe It

We know that you believe in our word, but we understand the need to give a good test to our product, so we have launched a demo instance just for that. Just sign-up on your left and experience OBTO.

Save time, money and effort using the simplest solution available to manage classes, groups, events, or staff.